Thursday, June 20, 2013

Life Through Numbers

Hello Everyone.

I decided to create a new blog, Life Through Numbers. I was speaking with my coach, Gerard Pearlberg, the other day and we were discussing workouts while I was inside on the bike due to storms in the area. I asked if I could give him a call when I was done, he said "how about 6:30?" I said "Ill be done at 6:33." He said "6:33, not that you're counting!" And thats when I said "I live my life through numbers."

How true it is that us athletes live our lives in the form of numbers. Starting from when we wake up to the chime of the alarm clock to the time we head back to bed that night. Swimming, Cycling and Running are all full of numbers. Triathlon is full of numbers, from the one you wear on your chip, to your calf, to your finishing time. My life has become numbers. Tons of numbers. I live my life through numbers.