Thursday, November 12, 2015

Post Season

Hello Everyone.

I had an interesting season this year. Not really going as planned, but a wake up call to what I really think I need to pursue.
I race the Long Branch Half Marathon back in April, ran a 1:22 and change and finished first overall woman. I was then inducted into the hall of fame which was unexpected and pretty cool! From there my training continued with the hopes of doing well in some Olympic distance triathlons and racing pro for the first year but it seemed my body had other plans and I just couldn't seem to get my act back together for the season. I constantly felt worn down, never fresh, workout after workout was just a complete disaster, leaving me really mentally distraught and unmotivated. I continued to run but backed off on everything else in hopes of getting it together in time to race a few more triathlons. Just never happened so I called the season way earlier than expected.

Next year I have plans for racing as a professional at the 70.3 distance. I hope to race my first half ironman in the spring so I can get a good feel for it, see where I stand and have enough time left in the year to get a couple more races in. This winter will be much more volume than in the past, trying to build a good base. I believe I am a better athlete as the distance gets longer. I believe I am a better athlete than the level I am performing at now, I just have to put in more work. I can maintain paces for a while and I hope that will show in my racing next year. I look forward to a better season and some good, mind and body strengthening workouts and races.

Towards the end of the summer, into the fall I will switch my focus to the marathon. I am hoping to register for the Chicago Marathon on October 9th and race to a sub 3 hour finish. I think its doable with my time from the half marathon, when I write the numbers it works out well on paper...I just need it to workout in real life! If the marathon goes well, I will reevaluate my racing and see whats next!

I want to give a big shoutout to my sponsors. The Leather Institute for helping with travel and all my tri needs! Powertap, Saris, Cycleops for allowing me to train through the winter months on my trainer and for the new PowerBeam Pro I just got, super excited to get on it! Powerbar for the nutrition, bars and food I can eat that wont upset my stomach! Yippee! XTERRA Wetsuits, for keeping me afloat and hooking my friends up so they can stay afloat and race fast too!  The Red Bicycle for hooking me up with a new QR tri bike for the season and for helping me with whatever I need throughout the season and winter months!
Not only do these companies help me during the season but they help me year round to stay fit and ready for the next season. I couldnt do it without them!

Potential races for next year thus far, more will be added accordingly, most likely one in August/September and October/November. I will probably do a couple of local races for speedwork in the middle of those.

70.3 Texas-April 10th or 70.3 Florida same day
70.3 Eagleman - June 12th or June 5th Raleigh
70.3 Vineman- July 10th or  70.3 Racine- July 17th (Wisconsin) (Leaning more towards Wisconsin)
Fall schedule TBD

Monday, January 26, 2015

I am thrilled to announce my new sponsor for 2015...

PowerTap, CycleOps, Saris!

Thank you for your belief in me and your support. I couldn't do it without you!