Friday, March 7, 2014

Out of Hibernation

Well, I guess its time for the blog to come out of hibernation.

As many of you know, I am now being coached by Trista Francis of iTz Multisport. She began coaching me in the fall and I am very happy! I think its safe to say I have been swimming and cycling more this winter on a weekly basis than I did during the season last summer! I am especially excited to get back on the roads with my bike and see what kind of power I can throw down.
New news, Good News:
I have two new sponsors going into this season, Xterra wetsuits and PowerBar Team Elite. I'm super excited to be racing in their gear and chowing down on some great fuel during training and racing.

I am set to compete in my first half ironman in October down in Miami so thats another big one on this years calendar and I am really looking forward to the challenge and anxious to see what I can do at a longer distance.

New news, Meh News:
Last summer I strained my calf muscle pretty bad in July at NJ State triathlon and it wound up hampering my season and cutting it short. Unfortunately it has returned.... but not quite as bad.
I have been working diligently to get myself back to health, going to masseuse once a week for deep tissue work, icing, rolling, pool running, doing PT work etc etc etc.
I expect to have this calf healed up and ready to go in a few weeks when I head to South Beach Miami for my first triathlon of the season. I also hope it is good to go for a half marathon two weeks after but I am not going to push it if I feel its not ready for the distance.

With all of that being said, I am most nervous for the running leg of this triathlon in Miami. Lets hope I am ready!

I expect to see great times this year in triathlon with a whole bunch of PRs and the #1 goal of earning that Pro card. Although Coach T and I haven't been working together long I think I will see vast improvement this season. With that being said I believe it takes more than a few months of working together to fully understand each other and to really see results with a lot of changes made to training and getting accustomed to everything. I think this first season together will be great but I also look forward to seasons to come.

The Fall/Winter training and a race here and there:

My fall and winter seasons have consisted mostly of just training, a lot more strength training and some stressful months with Gerard being deployed.
While Gerard was home on leave from the army after deployment we ran the Polar Bear 5mile race in Asbury Park. He was second male, I was first female. We both ran good times even though the weather was far less than perfect. Temps in the low 40s (if that) with some winds and torrential rain. It was COLD but also a lot of fun.
We raced in singlets I had made to represent the two Rangers from Gerards unit who made the ultimate sacrifice on a mission back in October now known as "Rangers In The Sky"

I also raced at Milrose in a DMR put together by Shore AC. It was a little last minute but we got it together and I met my teammates for the first time at the race!! We all warmed up and raced well as a group just having met. I raced the mile, anchor leg. My time wasn't what I had hoped but I also hadn't been doing much speed work yet. 

I am really looking forward to this season, I have a bunch of races lined up and I am just really excited to race and have some warm weather!!!! 

Train Happy,