Sunday, July 14, 2013

Race Recap-LB Sprint #2

Hello Everyone!

Race Recap! Lets reverse to this past week first... A sudden sickness fell over me on Wednesday, little sore throat but nothing of great concern but I took the day to just relax and not push myself so maybe I could avoid a full blown sinus issue and by Thursday it was BAM holy sinuses. Got tons of off the shelf crap and chamomile tea to knock it out of me before this race. Friday I took off again, still trying to knock it out of me since I was feeling a tiny bit better but still not great. Saturday was a track day, the race in long branch wasn't a big one so I headed to the track for a workout since I was finally able to breathe out of my nose again! About 6 miles at the track, warm up, workout, cool down. Felt decent, had trouble breathing and with the humidity it made it even more difficult but as long as it doesn't go to my chest I do what I can, I usually cut back but still try and get in some workouts except for the worst of days when I really just need to give my body a break. Sunday morning I woke up, feeling a tiny bit better but still no where near 100%. I headed down to the race very late and had to throw on my wetsuit and head to the start with 4 minutes to go time! Oops. Who needs a warm up?! GO! We were off. Rounded the first buoy feeling great just chilling. Another girl and I came out of the water neck and neck, got to transition, I had my wetsuit half off already and I was able to pop it off my legs super fast. Out of transition in 50 seconds, and onto the bike. Anything under a minute with a wetsuit Im happy with! On the bike, my legs hurt. The workout yesterday definitely affected my race today as I was aiming to be well above 22mph but it just wasn't happening especially with not being 100%. Overall the bike was decent, it was the first race on my new bike, not having many miles on it yet its working new muscle groups Im not sure I even knew I had! My legs just weren't there on the bike today. But thats ok, Im not alarmed, I need to get used to my new bike and a completely new position. Most exciting part of the race? Id say the deer that jumped in front of me on ocean avenue near deal casino!…Going towards the ocean!…It was hot so maybe he wanted to take a dunk and cool off…Anyway, off the bike, through transition in 34 seconds and onto the run. Again not as fast as I would have liked but decent under the conditions. It was hot out there on the run. I usually run with a certain breathing cadence, breathing out on a certain foot strike but today I was pretty much just gasping for air in between spitting (gross I know. Triathlons aren't always pretty). Overall I would call it a decent race. Nothing great, nothing terrible. Somewhere in the middle. I always try and look at the things that went well. My transitions were good, my wetsuit came off with zero issues and super fast!  My mount and dismount were spot on and I had a decent swim. I swam in my wetsuit today for two reasons, one because I didn't warm up and two because I need the practice under race stress for future races. The next two days are kept relatively easy to try and get myself 100% before this weekend.

A lot of dudes got CHICKED today. Congrats to Amanda and Janet!
Congratulations to everyone who raced, you all did great!!!

Train Happy.

The New Blog!

Hey Everyone!

I used to keep another blog but I have recently decided to start Life Through Numbers. Aside from my usual race recaps and other news in my life I will be posting some tips and interesting articles for everyone to read!

Train Happy!