Thursday, October 3, 2013

To Cole...

This is one I wish I never had to write as it is hard to find words to describe an incredible man like Cole. However, it is the least I could do to honor the life of a friend and fellow athlete who had such an amazing impact on so many people.
I didn't know Cole very long but in the short time I did get to know him, I found out what an awesome person he was. He was a dedicated husband, father, fireman, friend and athlete. I got to know Cole this past spring at a Red Bicycle Tuesday night ride.  I feel like Cole came out of nowhere although he must have been cycling somewhere else for a while before he met up with us because he was one hell of a rider and athlete!! That first Tuesday night I met him he was super friendly (as always!), introducing himself before we headed out and we rode the Red Bank course together. I remember about half way through he said "You're a pretty strong rider!" I was psyched to be able to hang with some of the guys on the ride. Little did I know he was just out for a joy ride that night. I never rode another Tuesday ride with Cole as the group dropped me about +/-5 miles in EVERY time. However we did ride together on some weekends from Tavolo Pronto. On one in particular, we sat outside of Pronto after a long weekend ride, eating pizza and chatting about life. My brother asked him how having kids had changed his life. He told us his incredible transformation story as we all sat there giggling from sheer disbelief that Cole at one point was not too athletic. He told us he went to his first back to school night with his daughter, looked around at the other parents who were in better shape and living a healthy lifestyle and decided he had to change his life not for himself but for his family. His family was his whole world. His story was incredible. Triathlon, then became his passion.

One weekend ride, we were on a road full of potholes. So naturally I was yelling "HOLE! HOLE! HOLE!" every couple of seconds so those behind me knew what was coming. From the back a fellow cyclist yells "I can't tell if you are yelling Hole! or Cole!" That is now a memory that will always stick with me. Every time I yell "Hole!" I think, Cole Porter.

Cole lived life to the fullest and really just enjoyed it. You could see it in the way he talked about just about anything. Nothing ever seemed to bother him. He made the best of everything. He had the best outlook on life. He was just...happy.

Cole would want every single one of us to keep doing what we are doing, keep pushing hard, keep pushing each other to be the best we can be, have fun, be happy, lend a helping hand, celebrate life, be kind to one another and remember to say I love you because....


Rest in Peace Cole, you will forever be in our hearts.
My sincere condolences to the Porter family, we are all here for you.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Big Announcement- XTERRA

I am proud to announce I have partnered with XTERRA for the 2014 triathlon season! 

XTERRA was my first wetsuit brand and my only wetsuit brand. I am so happy to be able to represent and promote XTERRA, a brand I love, stand behind and highly recommend to fellow athletes. I look forward to an awesome season with them, crushing times and reaching goals! 

Please feel free to use the code below to get 60% off of a new wetsuit!